How to buy

The order is placed by completing the following steps:

1. Select the desired products and add them to the Shopping Cart, by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button,

2. If you want to add more products to the cart, click on the "Continue shopping" button, or, if you want to complete the order, click on the "Complete the order" button.

3. After selecting the desired products, if you do not have an account on the site and do not want to create an account on the site, select "Complete order as a Visitor" and enter the email address to confirm receipt of the order.

4. Enter your billing information.

5. Enter the delivery address,

6. Delivery is made by own courier.

7. Tick the "Agree to Site Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy" field,

8. Place the order by clicking on the "Finish order" button

9. Payment is made.

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